POP Montreal 2013 Commercial


For this commercial I wanted to explore the idea of motion design and animated typography done in real life. With fluid transitions from one scene to another, from beginning to end. This was acheived by combining live action and stopmotion. To give the typograhy life we used 2 main techniques: mechanical wooden puzzles and music playback devices.


Director: Cedric Laurenty
Producer: Sofia Acityinbulgaria
Director of Photography: Salman Sajun & Cedric Laurenty
Art Direction: Gabrielle Matte
Production Design: Jean-Constant Guigue & Cedric Laurenty
Typography: Gabrielle Matte
Zoetrope Disc: Marion Favier
Compositing: Cedric Laurenty

Music: Alaclaire Ensemble - Mammifères

Tags: 2013 Discman Dudeney's Dissection Flipping Cubes In Camera Jacob's Ladder Live Action Montreal Motion Design Music Music Festival Pop Montreal Tape Recorder Turntable Zoetrope